Mobile Product Verification

Life Evergreen | Mobile Product Verification has come up with innovative way to fight fake products by verifying the authenticity of a product through exclusive mobile product verification service. our solution is noted for its global brand protection. We help consumer check the authenticity of a product by using a mobile phone at the point of purchase. 

Often people fail to understand or detect whether the product they have purchased are really genuine, fake or expired. To help all consumers, we have empowered them with latest mobile cutting edge technology solution.

A consumer send a simple text message to our shortcode to verify whatever they are buying is genuine, fake or expired, thus avoiding the danger of buying any kind of counterfeit, expired or fake product.

The process follows three easy steps:

    .  Scratch: At the time of purchase the customer search for a security code with a pin covered with a silver panel on the product pack or label.

     .  Text: The consumer will text the one time pin to our phone number after scratching it off.

     . Verify:  Immediately the consumer will receive a response confirming the legality of the product, whether it is genuine, expired or fake. A consumer can still verify online.


We provide 24/7 customer support desk, to assist consumers during the verification process thus enabling them to report for any fake or counterfeit product thereby maintaing a global brand protection